Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dunwoody's Halle Scott Loses Her Life in Automobile Accident

Halle's death has devastated the Dunwoody community, particularly former, and current, Dunwoody HS students and faculty.

Below are excerpts from an AJC article about Halle.  You can read the entire article at this link:

When Halle Scott was a girl, this had been her church, with its tiny chapel radiant whenever light streamed through the amber windows arching high. It was like that Thursday, the little brick chapel of Dunwoody United Methodist Church glowing inside, every pew filled with mourners. Outside, the rest of the world went on with its lunchtime business, many oblivious to the grief contained in this little room. There was an uneasy silence inside, broken every now and then with the rip of tissues being pulled from small boxes to muffle sobs and dry tears.

There was no order of service for this memorial to Scott. The 19-year-old perished along with three fellow UGA students after their car crashed Wednesday night. A fifth friend is fighting for her life at Athens Regional Medical Center.

The events of the past 24 hours was too much to bear for former classmates and teachers from Dunwoody High School, who gathered to mourn Scott. One by one, kids in shorts and track shoes and adults with graying hair choked out prayers. They asked what people always ask whenever a teenager has to lay a peer to rest and a parent has to bury a child: Why?

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