Thursday, July 14, 2016

"A Sneak Peek at the Different Options for Secondary Schools in DeKalb"

Further information can be found within the following link to Stan Jester's blog:

Cross Keys HS Teacher, Ms. Rebekah Morris, has post up on her blog with a look at some of the options for Secondary School planning for DCSD:

"A member of the Oakcliff Neighborhood (located in Doraville), who serves on the steering committee in Region 1 for the Secondary Schools Facility Planning and Feasibility Study for DeKalb County Schools, recently sent out an email to the different neighborhood associations in the Doraville area. In this email, she broke down the different options presented by DCSD while also adding a bit of commentary.

She summarized the meeting in this way: “The meeting I attended at Chamblee HS last night was conducted like a focus group to get feedback about a draft of four options being considered as part of the Secondary Schools Facility Planning & Feasibility Study being conducted by DeKalb County and Education Planners LLC. The study is based on Enrollment Projections for 2022 and is focused on improving DeKalb County Public Secondary School facilities to better meet the needs of students. We were told to focus on student enrollment and four options were presented: OPTION 1- (new Cluster Approach), OPTION 2A- (Expanding Existing Capacity), OPTION 2B (Expanding Existing Capacity + Relocating Chamblee Magnets), OPTION 3 (Utilizing Existing Capacity).”

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