Wednesday, August 24, 2016

DeKalb County School System Secondary Schools
Planning & Feasibility Study Options
How Do These Options Affect Dunwoody High School & Peachtree Charter Middle School?

Below are the 3 options DCSD is recommending to address the overcrowding within Region 1.   The 1st meeting to be held to discuss these options is tonight at Clarkston HS @ 6:30.  The 2nd meeting will be held at Cross Keys HS, Thursday, August 25th @ 6:30. 

Option A:  Re-clusters current Cross Keys HS cluster, adds a new Sequoyah area HS cluster and adds a new middle school for CKHS at the former Briarcliff HS site on North Druid Hills Road. Option A moves 600 students from Dunwoody HS to new Sequoyah are HS and 450 PCMS students to Sequoyah MS.

Option B:  Re-clusters current Cross Keys HS cluster, creates a new Cross Keys HS at the former Briarcliff HS site on North Druid Hills and repurposes the current Cross Keys HS facility as a middle school.  This option also recommends split feeders within Regions 1, 2 and 3 - the chart below indicates that 30% of the Sequoyah MS student population would be attending Dunwoody HS.  This option moves 450 students from PCMS to Sequoyah MS and a 600 seat addition to Dunwoody HS.  Good luck finding room for that addition.  

Option C:  Adds a new high school in the Sequoyah area and a new middle school for Cross Keys area at the former Briarcliff HS site on North Druid Hills Road.  This option addresses overcrowding with the movement of more students, but does recommend relocation of the Magnet programs from Chamblee Charter High School and Chamblee Middle School to schools with available capacity.  This option also moves 650 students from Dunwoody HS to Chamblee HS and 475 students from PCMS to Chamblee MS.

The following chart documents "Magnet Move Assumptions":

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Four strategies used to address capacity deficits:
1.Building new schools or creating new clusters (add capacity)
2.Building additions at existing schools (add capacity)
3.Relocating magnet or special programs (shift enrollment)
4.Moving students between schools (shift enrollment)
Redistricting will take place one year prior to opening of new school or additions


  1. What's missing from this is showing where the attendance lines will be or at least a chart showing ES to HS feeder progression.

    Options A and C move 450 PCMS students to Sequoyah. Option B moves 475 students to Chamblee. Does that mean in A&C mostly Hightower ES students move on to Sequoyah and Option B has students moving on from Chestnut to Chamblee MS and HS? And Option C has kids moving from Elementary school to Sequoyah MS and then back to Dunwoody HS while Option A has them staying at a new Sequoyah HS.

    Count me in for Option A- keep clusters, smaller schools, and less student displacement.

  2. Sorry- I got B and C reversed in above post.

  3. I'm not a fan of split feeders, so for me personally Option B would be my least favorite.

  4. Agreed- I think Option B is a mess.

  5. As you stated Anonymous, we do not have an indication as to where those Dunwoody students moving to either Sequoyah or Chamblee would be physically located. If one can remember back in 2011 during the last major redistricting effort, i.e. the "Centralized" Plan had Chateau Woods and Georgetown area students being redistricted into the Chamblee HS attendance zone.

  6. I attended the meeting last night. The first 1/2 hour is a recap of the previous meetings then you are separated into small groups to make lists of Pros and Cons for each option. One thing you will not see are possible new attendance lines, so it is hard to judge which students are being moved where but it is stressed that this is not a redistricting meeting.