Friday, September 9, 2016

DeKalb Neighbor: "DeKalb County Officials Ready Recommendations To Address Overcrowding in Area Schools"

Brent Barron, DeKalb Neighbor:

The DeKalb County School District is nearly ready to present recommendations on options to address overcrowding based on ongoing engagement with the public.

County officials recently wrapped up a third round of public meetings for the secondary school facility planning and feasibility study for area middle and high schools, according to DeKalb County School District Spokesman Quinn Hudson.

The third round of public engagement was targeted at presenting specific options to address overcrowding. These options were based on feedback from five regional steering committee meetings.

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This comment from the article made me pause a bit: 

DeKalb County School District Superintendent Stephen Green said they are asking for our school councils from the middle and high schools within each cluster to come together and develop a joint letter, with signatures of the school council chairs, [...] detailing their viewpoints on the three options or another option they may propose.

Why just opinions from Middle School and High School school councils?  I would have assumed that elementary school council opinions would be welcome as these options will affect the children that are currently in elementary school.

DeKalb BOE Region 1 Representative Stan Jester has a new post on his blog reviewing the situation at the DeKalb School of the Arts and DeKalb Elementary Schools of the arts.:


  1. The Dunwoody feeder cluster is involving all school councils (high, middle and elementary) in the discussion because everyone in the community should be involved in the education of our children.

  2. That's good to hear. However, it is my view that elementary school councils should have their own voice - needs and opinions vary from school to school.