Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Site Views of new Austin Elementary School and
Peachtree Charter MS Addition and Ball Fields

Councilman John Heneghan has an excellent summary of the Austin Elementary/Dunwoody Park Swap:

Below are the conceptual site plans for the new Austin Elementary School, the proposed 26 classroom addition to PCMS and ball fields. 

You can click on the pictures below to enlarge the view.

All of the documents can be found on the City of Dunwoody website:


  1. I see that the Conceptual Site Plan with the DCSD logo shows a 3 story, 26 classroom addition to PCMS.

    The Secondary Schools Recommended Plan includes a 450 seat addition to PCMS.

    These 2 things don't match up. 450 seats/26 classrooms = 17.3 seats per classroom.

    That is much smaller than the regular middle school class size of 25.5 students. At 25 students per classroom, the 450 seat PCMS addition would be 18 classrooms, not 26.

    Does this mean that the other schools (Dunwoody HS, Lakeside HS, Chamblee Charter HS) getting ESPLOST-V additions are really getting more classrooms than the seats number shows?

    Since the DCSD secondary schools plan ends up with CCHS and Dunwoody and Lakeside at 99 or 100% utilization after the additions, I'm not opposed to building more classrooms.

    But I think it is important for the public and the BOE to know what factor DCSD is using to translate "seats" to "classrooms."

  2. Good questions. Hopefully, once the BOE approves the final project list, we'll have a better idea as to what the district plans for our cluster.

    Erika Harris brought forth an idea which was intriguing to me: switch the middle school and high school campuses. Worth discussing?