Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Chamblee Charter High School
Proposed Conceptual Design for Classroom Addition

The following conceptual plan has been architect reviewed and is presented as a feasible solution to address projected overcrowding at Chamblee Charter High School by year 2022 when the school anticipates enrollment of 2,328 students, or 518 students over capacity. Throughout the Secondary School Planning & Feasibility Study, multiple options to address capacity needs – including redistricting, constructing new classrooms, and adding a new high school cluster – were reviewed and considered. Extensive steering committee analysis and community input have resulted in a recommendation to construct a classroom addition at Chamblee Charter High School. A classroom addition could be accomplished in multiple ways, but this recommendation represents, in our opinion, the most practical approach despite some limitations, most notably the very limited available space on the campus. This approach may be altered following detailed site analysis and architectural design.

Current Site
Currently, the school is configured for 90 classrooms following a 2014 replacement. The current planning capacity is 1,810. The current site acreage is 20.71, well below the state recommended acreage of 38.10 for a school its size. The campus currently includes 226 parking spaces.

Construct a 600-seat, three-story addition within the current footprint with a net addition of 30 classrooms, bringing the school to 120 classrooms (addition would displace four existing classrooms). The 40,800-squareft. classroom addition would be located between the current classroom wing and auditorium.

Core Areas
The classroom addition and resulting increased capacity will require modifications to the school’s core areas – media center, kitchen and cafeteria. Previously these expansions were indicated as additions to the footprint of the building, but further analysis shows that the media center and cafeteria expansion requirements can be better accommodated by expanding within the building itself. The modifications would expand core areas by 5,522-square-ft. The spaces displaced by these expansions are now included in the proposed classroom addition.

• Extremely limited site acreage. Projected enrollment in 2022 would leave the school 23.39 acres under the recommended state minimum for a school its size.
• The proposed recommendation requires modifying the main entrance (into the Administrative Lobby) to relocate it to the exterior of the building.
• The proposed recommendation would result in the loss of the current courtyard area between the main classroom building and auditorium. •
The proposed recommendation would result in some disruption to school operations during construction.
• The proposed recommendation would require the addition of 116 surface parking spaces which can be accommodated by utilizing existing property. In addition, a 120-space staff-only parking deck will be required, resulting in a total of 462 campus parking spaces.
The proposed recommendation would result in a high school far larger than is typical in DCSD.

The estimated total cost of the proposed recommendation is $21,000,000 (See Appendix B).

Alternative Option
An alternative conceptual plan includes a 600-seat, three-story addition that adds a net of 30 classrooms (addition would displace four existing classrooms) that extends from the southeast corner of the current main classroom building and would require the acquisition of an additional parcel of land. Its layout is similar to that of the adjacent structures and therefore utilizes the same circulation corridors that currently exist. This option would be less disruptive to school operations during construction; however, it would require the purchase of an additional parcel of land. While acquiring additional land may add to the cost of the project, it would help to increase the acreage of Chamblee’s under-sized campus.

My notes

What is the possibility of relocating North DeKalb Stadium to allow for a sensible and workable addition to Chamblee?  Again, the issue is most likely affordable/available land within North DeKalb.

Chamblee has the smallest site acreage (20.71) of any of the high schools that are scheduled to receive classroom additions via E-SPLOST V.  Current site acreage for Dunwoody HS is 29.61. 

In reviewing the FCA report  for the former Briarcliff HS, it appears site acreage is 17.6 acres...way too small for a high school facility.  Is it even feasible to utilize this land for the new CKHS? http://www.dekalbschoolsga.org/projects/operations/fca/former-briarcliff-hs.pdf

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