Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Chamblee Charter HS Cluster: Proposed E-SPLOST Project List

Chamblee Charter High School Cluster
Fire Sprinkler
Security Improvements
New Facility and Capacity Additions
Artificial Turf Installation
Major Capital Renewal (Major bldg. system replacements
Replacement of Kitchen Equipment
New Seat Capacity  
Estimated 2022 Enrollment
Huntley Hills ES,
Montgomery ES,
Ashford Park ES,
Chamblee Charter HS - 600 Seat Addition
Chamblee Charter HS
Chamblee MS
The plan is to convert the existing Cross Keys HS facility into a Middle School.  So, is the assumption that Sequoyah MS will feed into Chamblee Charter HS?

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  1. Yes, Chamblee Charter High School will now be the only DCSD high school with dual feeder middle schools.

    The DCSD Recommended Plan clearly states

    - Sequoyah MS and Chamblee MS will serve as Chamblee cluster middle schools

    (slide 14 of DCSD's September 27 Final Recommendation Presentation, available at http://www.dekalbschoolsga.org/secondary-school-facility-planning-and-feasibility-study/)

    This has academic implications that have not been discussed by DCSD. I believe that CCHS is not categorically opposed to this but is worried about having to figure out how to coordinate with two (double!) middle schools and to serve and integrate students from middle schools which have historically given their graduates very different preparation for high school.

    The thought of doing this along with DCSD's plan to squeeze classrooms for 800 more students onto its small 20.71 acre site is also daunting. The Consultant said that this plan leaves CCHS with 23.39 acres under the recommended state minimum for a school its size.

    My understanding is that CCHS is willing to be part of the solution to the Region 1 overcrowding, but not by accepting a plan that will make it very hard (impossible?) to serve its existing and new students well.