Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dunwoody Cluster: Proposed DeKalb Schools E-SPLOST Project List
as of November 7, 2016

The E-SPLOST V Project List was presented to the DeKalb County Board of Education last night (11/7/16).  I have summarized the projects proposed for the Dunwoody cluster.

You can view the project list at the following link:

You can view the project presentation at the following link:

The new additions at Peachtree and Dunwoody appear to address the overcrowding issue. I will be interested to see the new configurations of the schools, especially Dunwoody HS. 

Despite having the lowest Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) in the Dunwoody cluster, Chesnut Elementary, again, is overlooked with regards to Facility upgrades.  Unbelievable!!!!

Dunwoody High School Cluster
Fire Sprinkler
Security Improvements
New Facility and Capacity Additions
Artificial Turf Installation
Major Capital Renewal (Major bldg. system replacements
Replacement of Kitchen Equipment
New Seat Capacity  
Estimated 2022 Enrollment
Chesnut ES,
Kingsley ES,
Vanderlyn ES
Chesnut ES,
Kingsley ES,
Vanderlyn ES
Dunwoody HS -  600 Seat Adition
Dunwoody HS
Kingsley-HVAC/Site Improvements
Dunwoody HS,
Hightower ES
Peachtree MS - 450 Seat Addition
*Note:  Additional elementary school capacity (e.g. New Cross Keys ES – North, additions at Jolly ES, Chesnut ES, and Rowland ES) needs identified under this master planning initiative are not included due to budget

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