Wednesday, December 7, 2016

DeKalb Board of Education Public Input Session - 12-5-16

You can view the entire Public Input Session from Monday's BOE Meeting at the following link

I would ask that you listen to the words of the final speaker, Mr. J.D. McCrary of the International Rescue Committee Atlanta as he speaks in support of the Indian Creek Elementary School community - a community that, for many, find it difficult to take a few hours off work or other family duties to speak at a BOE meeting.

I hope to find the time to capture his words in written form.  For me, it was a poignant end to this public input session.

For myself, I thought the public comments were, for the most part, respectful, informed and informed regardless of the differing views.  I've seen more contentious DeKalb BOE public input session in my time. 

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  1. I agree with your comments. However, it is interesting that none of the speakers who favored a delay wanted to remove Indian Creek Elementary School from the E-SPLOST-V list. They just wanted to do a better job with high schools. Sigh.