Thursday, December 1, 2016

E-SPLOST V - Project List
Updated to Include New Elementary School in Doraville
No Change in High School Capacity Additions

The agenda for the December 5th Board of Education Meeting has been posted:

An updated E-SPLOST V project list is included in the agenda:

An additional elementary school for the Cross Keys HS cluster has been added to the list (or shall we say, "re-added") and a new facility for Indian Creek Elementary School.  No change to the plans for the MS and HS additions:

Requested Action

It is requested that the Board of Education approve the 2017-2022 E-SPLOST project list, as outlined in the attached Proposed 2017-2022 E-SPLOST Project List document, dated December 5, 2016.


Following the May 24, 2016 approval of the 2017-2022 E-SPLOST referendum by DeKalb voters (by more than a 71% vote) and extensive stakeholder engagement process, district staff presented the Superintendent’s proposed E-SPLOST project list to the Board of Education as a “first read” for its review and input on November 7, 2016. Highlighted below are a few modifications to the proposed project list as originally presented on November 7, 2016:
  • The E-SPLOST revenue projections for 2017-2022 were revised upward from $500 million to $530 million.  With the Board’s approval of the final percentage distribution between DCSD, City Schools of Decatur, and Atlanta Public Schools, we now know one of the previous unknowns, which allowed staff and the District’s Bond Financial Advisors to review and update our initial projections with less uncertainty.
  • Thus, the total funding allocation for category two has increased from $261 million to $291million, with $260 million in E-SPLOST revenues and $31 million in GA DOE reimbursements, allowing for the construction of three new elementary schools: two new elementary schools in the Cross Keys Cluster (i.e. John Lewis Elementary School and new elementary school for Cross Keys North) and the tear-down/re-build of Indian Creek Elementary School.
  • The last revision was a slight change in the $14.54 million artificial turf installation initiative for all high schools.  We have removed Cross Keys HS from this list, as the $84.8 million new high school construction of Cross Keys High School will include a new artificial turf football/soccer field. We have recommended these funds to be used to install artificial turf at both Druid Hills High School and Druid Hills Middle School. Currently, both schools serve the athletics program for Druid Hills High School due to the fact that the football/soccer field and track at the high school campus do not meet the specification requirements of the National Federation of High School Sports.
The Board’s approval will allow staff to immediately initiate the next steps in its detailed process to prepare for the implementation of the District’s 2017-2022 E-SPLOST Program. This process includes the development a cost loaded schedule over the next several months in support of the final Board-approved project list and bond financing to accelerate key projects within the program. Staff will immediately begin its procurement process to hire qualified professional design firms to initiate the formal design process for major construction projects. The Board will be asked to adopt a Bond Resolution at its February 2017 Board meeting and funding will be made available to accelerate the program in late February.  At the March 2017 Board meeting, staff will present a comprehensive program schedule to include a full list of projects, budgets, and anticipated start and finish dates. 


  1. I know there is a movement within some in Region 1 to request that the BOE delay the vote. Have any other BOE members, other than Stan Jester, been contacted or made statements concerning a delay? It's going to take more than one BOE member to delay the vote.

  2. I wonder if DCSD Legal has signed off on putting all of the $30 Million "just discovered" into category 2 of E-SPLOST-5 rather than spreading it to all 5 of the E-SPLOST-5 categories that voters approved.

    Region 1 and 2 voters might like this, but what about voters in the other regions?

    And even though I am glad to have extra funds to add capacity, remember that one of the concerns was that Option A was too expensive. If the public had known from the start that an extra $61 Million was available, who knows what the public would have chosen?

  3. The BOE agenda item indicates "Approved by General Counsel".

    I think it was important that monies be found to build that new Doraville ES, but you bring up a good point about the other regions. The discussion amongst the BOE members Monday will be "interesting" I would imagine.