Thursday, December 29, 2016

Niche 2017 Best School Districts in Georgia
What Do These Districts Have in Common?
They Are Small School Districts

I make it no secret that I am among DeKalb County School District's biggest cheerleaders and hope to see DCSD return to its former "glory days" as one of the top school districts in Georgia.  I am proud of the education I received and I am proud of the education my children received as students of DCSD.  I believe Dr. Green is moving the district in the right direction.  I hope he continues the fight.
I am also unabashedly supportive of the Independent School District legislation.
I do not believe these 2 statements are mutually exclusive.
Click the following link to read Tom Taylor's thoughts on the current status of the legislation:
(Note:  I am not thrilled that DCSD is utilizing district funds to fight this legislation as pointed out in the above article. I also find it interesting that Ed Lindsey, a "supposed" school choice advocate (see his support of OSD and Charter School legislation) is leading this fight against  the Independent School legislation.  Oh, well, I guess anything for a paycheck - right Ed?).
Public Education today is much more complex and there are many more requirements (both at the Federal and State level) than there was in my day.  While much has changed in terms of governance and accountability over the past 30+ years, the educational-governance structure has not.  I believe that local control of education is important.  I believe local control to be what is best for the diverse student learners we have in our community (ESOL, Special Ed, etc.).    
As the chart below highlights, the top school districts in Georgia are among those with the smallest student FTE:


  1. Could not agree more on all counts. Smaller is better.

    And the financial demographics of Forsyth entirely explain the sole outlier.

  2. Forsyth County Schools are growing (student wise) at a pretty good rate. In 2012 there were 38,850 students versus 46,238 in 2016. I will be interested to see if their academic success continues on the same level as the system grows.

  3. Not understanding your way of thinking here: Cobb is #9, Gwinnett is #10, and they are both HUGE. Your smaller is better theory does not make sense.

  4. Not my theory. I'm citing data that shows the top school systems in GA are small school systems. I'm sorry you don't understand.