Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Peachtree Gateway Council on Schools
Tuesday, March 28 @ 6:30 pm , Sequoyah Middle School
Panel Discussion/Q&A Session on Construction Advisory Committees

On Tuesday, March 28th, the first meeting of the new Peachtree Gateway Council on Schools (PGCS) will take place at Sequoyah Middle School. Brookhaven, Chamblee, Doraville, Dunwoody (I’ll refer to as BCDD)  parents and community members,  I hope you have your calendars marked and plan to attend.  

A few personal thoughts are below.  I apologize for the “all over the place” nature of my thoughts – they were all “jumbling” through my brain last night – in no particular sequence. 

I no longer have children in DCSD, but I plan to support this new council group. I do believe “it takes a village”, especially when the discussion centers on advocacy for children. I feel confident in my belief that most within BCDD feel this way as well.  

This is my 3rd year outside of the parental “sphere” looking into our BCDD school communities. What I see warms my heart and makes me feel confident for the future of our children.  I see parents, community members and elected officials support (not just financially) the administration, teachers and students of their respective schools and of other schools in and out of their own school cluster. 

If you do not hear it enough, let me say this – you all are awesome and do not let anyone tell you otherwise!!!

As a parent I regularly attended the Dunwoody Chamblee Parent Council (DCPC) meetings. I found the topics informative and the discussions insightful and pertinent to the topic of the meetings. The Superintendent at that time would attend and address the group at least once each school year. I met many people within the Dunwoody cluster that I otherwise would have never known. I also met some great Chamblee cluster stakeholders. I cannot say enough positive words about this group.  I am not sure of the reason for its demise, but now there is a new advocacy group forming, Peachtree Gateway Council on Schools. Please, please support this new Council. With your support you can make this council a strong and meaningful advocate for all decisions that affect our children’s education. Lift each other up!!!

Now, we have a Board of Education member whose goal, it seems, is to tear down – tear down parents, community members, Mayors, school officials and even student achievement. This is unconscionable behavior from a school board member. I am confident the voters will remedy this situation the next school board election. However, now, I would ask that you drown out his “noise” and rebuff his attempts to divide the Dunwoody school cluster.  

BCDD stakeholders - support the Peachtree Gateway Council on Schools.  Do what you are phenomenal at – support and advocate for our school children.  

In closing, remember it is ok to disagree! I have always believed that the best ideas, solutions and compromises come from conversations around disagreements.  However, those conversations must be respectful and mature. I try to remember in my own daily life (not always with success), the words of a very wise Episcopal minister: 

“…In order to have a true conversation, you must open to the possibility you could be wrong”. 



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