Friday, April 28, 2017

Dunwoody Reporter: "In Dunwoody, trailers trigger high school drama"

A good, very thorough article by Dyana Bagby.  This article provides more in-depth information about Nancy Jester's "war" on Dunwoody.  A small excerpt:

"The days before that April 8 Facebook post on DHS trailers, Jester and state Sen. Josh McKoon, a Republican attorney from Columbus who has led the controversial “religious freedom” fight in the General Assembly, hoped to meet with the City Council in a closed-door executive discussion. The reason? To discuss the city being a plaintiff in a federal lawsuit against the state over independent school districts."

In Dunwoody, trailers trigger high school drama

The number of trailers located at Dunwoody cluster schools for 2016-2017 school year:
Trailers have been a part of life in Dunwoody schools for decades.  For some  reason Jester is only “riled up” about the trailers at Dunwoody HS now, at this point in time.  Hmmm, what could that reason be?  

Number of Trailers
Austin Elementary
Chesnut Elementary
Dunwoody Elementary
Hightower Elementary
**school located in Doraville; part of Dunwoody Cluster **
Kingsley Elementary
Vanderlyn Elementary
Peachtree Charter Middle School
Dunwoody High School


  1. I 100% support the Independent School District legislation. But, I want that change to come about through proper channels - a change in the State of Georgia constitution, not via financially disruptive lawsuits that could potentially devastate our city.

  2. Snakes in the grass. Let's call it as it is. Mr. and Mrs. Jester do not want portables at DHS because they don't want the school to grow. Sour grapes over the BOE vote not going their way. They want to city to have a say over the county and then she will run for City Council or mayor and try to reverse the BOE vote. Maybe if her husband hadn't isolated his fellow board members he'd get a second on his motions every now and then. I ask: where was this concerned mother when they were putting trailers at the middle school and Vanderlyn. I applaud Council member Nall for not buying into her schemes.

  3. Thanks for posting the link to the 2016 trailer inventory at DCSD. I had no idea that the Dunwoody cluster had so many trailers! Its 6 elementary schools have 16% of the trailers at all 76 elementary schools in DCSD. Perhaps the new 900 seat Austin ES is the answer for housing the 41 trailers worth of Dunwoody elementary students.

    Trailers at PCMS account for 19% of the trailers at all 19 middle schools in DCSD. Yes, PCMS is getting an addition with 450 seats. But once that addition is complete, PCMS will only have 8 seats more than the 2022 projected enrollment. So it’s likely that trailers will either remain at PCMS or make a swift return.

    Trailers at Dunwoody HS account for 10% of the trailers at all 22 high schools in DCSD, and that percentage may have increased with the recent arrival of more trailers. Yes, Dunwoody HS is getting an addition with 600 seats. But once that addition is complete, Dunwoody HS will only have 12 more seats that the 2022 projected enrollment. As with PCMS, it’s likely that trailers will either remain at Dunwoody HS or make a swift return.

    Trailers have been present in the Dunwoody cluster for years. But is this the best for our children? Is this model sustainable? Or are we just kicking the can down the road, till the day when no more trailers can fit on the campuses? Why not get ahead of the coming wave of students and plan for more than 8 or 12 extra seats?

    I am sad that this is lost due to the drama of personalities and short-sighted tactics.

    1. If the DCSD attendance projections are correct the new Austin ES will have approximately 200 available seats when it opens. Redrawing of attendance lines is most certainly on the horizon in Dunwoody.

      Of course trainers are not what's best for our children. But, Jester's focus seems to be on Dunwoody HS. She has not mentioned one word about the other schools, especially PCMS or Vanderlyn, where her children attend. Even if the district were to decide today to build a new Doraville HS, trailers at DHS would still be needed for the foreseeable future.

    2. In support of Mrs. Jester`s efforts, the trailers at DHS are not only more impacting on the community, but let`s face it, they are considerably more dangerous for the children being only a few feet from major roadways.

      Also of note, the Dunwoody police chief was quoted years ago when he was hired that the schools were "not his responsibility". This has been validated when there is a crime committed at DHS and any responding officer will remark: "This is Dekalb property, what do you want us to do about it?"