Thursday, May 4, 2017

Chamblee High Principal Dr. Norman Sauce Named Executive Director with Griffin-Spalding County Schools

Much luck to Dr. Sauce in his new position!

Griffin-Spalding County Board of Education Appoints 4 New Executive Directors

The Griffin-Spalding County Board of Education named four new executive directors at its May 2 meeting. Dr. Norman Sauce, Dr. Donald Warren, Sara Jones and Anthony Aikens will join GSCS as executive directors. Dr. Kiawana Kennedy, current assistant superintendent, was named deputy superintendent at the same meeting. These appointments are based on the recommendations of our recent curriculum audit.

Dr. Norman Sauce will become Executive Director of Elementary Education and will supervise all elementary principals. Sauce earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from California State University Long Beach (2000), a Master of Education degree from the University of California Los Angeles (2002), and a Doctor of Education degree from the University of Southern California (2009). He is currently principal at Chamblee Charter High School and he has served as principal at Barnwell Elementary in Johns Creek. He was an assistant principal and social studies teacher in his native California before coming to Georgia and serving as assistant principal.


  1. Guy is smart. A real loss for Chamblee, but let's face it - he knows what is coming down the path and wants to get the hell out. I don't blame him.

  2. Yes, the Chamblee school community has some challenges going forward with the new enlarged campus. However, with its reputation I cannot imagine it will be difficult to find a qualified individual to serve as Principal.