Thursday, May 25, 2017

**Updated With Link for Online Comments**
Input Needed for Proposed DeKalb County School Board Revised Policy for District-Wide Fundraising

Per the Parent Councils United Facebook page, you may now provide online feedback on the new policy.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page within the following link:

Below is a link to discussion on the Parent Councils United Facebook page regarding the proposed changes to Board Policy KEB-R (District Wide Fundraising).

From the May 15th Board of Education Meeting:

Board Policy KEB is presented for revision and Administrative Regulation KEB-R(1) is being presented for adoption to create a comprehensive District-wide policy related to fundraising. Both are essential to ensure consistency in fundraising efforts across the District.

Tax funds alone are not likely to cover the entire cost of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and other enrichments that enhance and round out the prescribed educational program. Fundraising activities often help cover these additional costs.

It is requested that the revised Board Policy KEB and Administrative Regulation KEB-R(1) lay on the table for stakeholder feedback in May and be considered for final approval at the June Board Meeting.
Note:  the Board voted to extend the final approval until the July BOE meeting; input from the public on the proposed changes will be taken until June 30th.  These appear to be significant changes and it's important that the Board of Education hear from all stakeholders. 
Comment from BOE Member Marshall Orson on the PCU Facebook Page:
The proposed policy and regulations are borne from good intentions--but they need your input and modifications. The goal is to bring some consistency and accountability while also modifying what is permissible (e.g. I have pushed to recognize crowdfunding as an accepted means of fundraising). I believe we need to leave much of the decision-making to principals (I know they are overworked but better to leave such decisions at the schoolhouse than elsewhere). We have pushed this out to 60 days for Board consideration to give sufficient time for input. We encourage groups to come together and give us comprehensive recommendations that can be endorsed by multiple groups rather than lots of individual comments which will be harder to process. In the end, we want a policy that works, is fair, that provides proper accountability and that is modernized to allow us to take advantage of modern fundraising methods.

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