Friday, July 7, 2017

Welp..I guess It's Happening
E-SPLOST V Project: RFQu #17-752-029 Professional Architectural and Engineering Services for Chamblee Charter High School

Agenda items from Monday, July 10th Board of Education Meeting Work Session:


The anticipated scope of this project is the design of a building addition, with accompanying modifications to the school’s core areas – media center, kitchen and cafeteria – to handle increased occupancy. A net addition of 30 Instructional units is required. Accompanying parking area additions, possibly requiring a parking garage, are also included in this scope. A preliminary site study recommended a three-story, 40,800 square foot addition located between the current classroom wing and the auditorium; however, the selected Architect/Engineer is encouraged to consider other configurations as well. The scope of this project also includes design for the installation of synthetic turf at the football practice field. This is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of the scope of work.

Also, the agenda item to convert current Cross Keys HS to a Middle School.  So where is the new Cross Keys High School going to be located?


The anticipated scope of this project is the design of an addition and modifications to the existing Cross Keys High School in order to convert it for use as a middle school. The net addition of IU’s necessary is 22. Accompanying parking area modifications are included in this scope. Also included in this project’s scope are the design of a security vestibule at the main building entrance, and a sprinkler system for the entire facility.

A preliminary site study recommended a single story, 12,000 square foot, 10 classroom addition, as well as extensive remodeling of the existing building to convert high school career tech labs into standard middle school classrooms. The District may choose to retain the career tech labs and construct a larger, two story addition to accommodate the middle school conversion.


  1. Thank you for posting this.

    It is disappointing that DCSD has not started the Construction Advisory Committee process for the CCHS project. According to the DCSD website, the CAC is supposed to be ready to go when the A/E firm is selected.

    The call for candidates has not gone out, no members have been selected, nor has training begun. Sounds like a rocky start to me. I hope to see DCSD correct this.

  2. Yep...not a good way to start this at all....

    "The School Council or charter governing board will select five members to the CAC, not including the principal, who will be an ex-officio member. A minimum of two members will be school council members. The appointment by the School Council will explicitly identify: the chair of the CAC who must be a school council member, the secretary of the CAC, and three other members.

    A call for candidates will include posting an announcement and electronic candidate interest form to the school website at least three (3) weeks prior to the School Council meeting at which CAC member selection will occur. As a best practice, the announcement and a link to the candidate interest form should be sent to the feeder schools for posting on those schools’ websites, so stakeholders from those schools can be considered as part of the CAC. The ideal CAC member will be a parent or community member with a professional background or interest in the following areas: architecture, engineering, construction, planning and design, or K-12 education.

    The call for candidates will initiate shortly after the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the architect for the project is posted on the DCSD website. This will ensure that the CAC is ready by the time of the award of the architect.

  3. Per information presented in the BOE meeting, 240 new teachers have been hired in the last 3 weeks. Dr. Green is interviewing/selecting final candidates for the 17 Principal openings.

  4. Stan Jester asked Joshua Williams about the CAC's. Williams stated the CAC's had been formed, but not executed or something like that...word salad in my opinion.