Thursday, August 3, 2017

New Teacher and Staff Members for Dunwoody Cluster Schools

The following are new staff hires for each Dunwoody cluster school as reported via the August DCSD Human Capital Management Report:

Austin Elementary School Sarah Ashley Teacher, Interrelated
  Ashley McGukin Teacher, Grade 1
Chesnut Elementary Lenora Caldwell Teacher, Grade 1
  Emily Missler Teacher, Grade 5
  Samantha Romany Teacher, Interrelated
Dunwoody Elementary Sara Belza Teacher, Grade 1
  Kristen Hudson Teacher, Pre-K Certified
  Loretta Roberts Teacher, EIP Reading-Primary
  Sharon Bryant Secretary, 10 Month ES
  Eric Frazier Custodian 12  Month (Elem)
Hightower Elementary Sarah Arnett Teacher, Grade 1
  Angela Bokelman Teacher, ESOL
  Stephanie Harrison Teacher, Grade 5
  Laura Hernandez Teacher, Grade 4
  Hannah White Teacher, Grade 2
  Jamal Forrest Custodian II Part-Time (ES)
  James Rhodes Custodian 12 Month (Elem)
Kingsley Elementary Shannon Mckenna Teacher, Kindergarten
  Tyra Harris-Thompson Assistant Principal
Vanderlyn Elementary Robyn Bailey Teacher, Interrelated
  Candice Morgan Teacher, Grade 1
  Caroline Scott Teacher, Grade 1
  Gerald Black Custodian II Part-Time (ES)
Peachtree Charter MS Dionne Davis Teacher, Interrelated
  Jenee Marquis Teacher, Health and PE MS
  Javon Watts Teacher, Interrelated
  Stacy Belser Paraprofessional-Interrelated
  Doneisha Patterson Custodian 12 Month (Middle)
  Charles Prayor Custodian, Head
Dunwoody High  Mary Arnette Teacher, Mathematics HS
  Kevin Cameron Teacher, Science HS
  Richard Clark Teacher, History 6-12  HS
  Ann Graham Teacher, Latin
  James Lavender Teacher, History HS
  Leslie Merritt Teacher, Family & Consumer HS
  Michelle O'Connor Teacher, Mathematics HS
  Angela Williams Teacher, History 6-12 HS
  Karen Williams Assistant Principal
  Suzanne Kaplan Nurse, School (RN & LPN)


  1. Not sure why she's not listed but Amy Smith is a new 2nd-grade teacher at Dunwoody Elementary.

  2. There are a few names that are not on the report that I know have been hired by the local schools. My guess its a timing issue based on when the HR report was created. The BOE usually receives an updated list prior to or on the day of the BOE meeting. I'm not sure if DCSD will update the online report.