Monday, October 30, 2017

Commentary: Is It Time for the DeKalb County School District and Board of Education to Re-Visit the E-SPLOST V Project Timeline in Region 1?
Updated to Reflect John E. Lewis ES Data

Below is a chart that outlines the actual 2017-2018 actual enrollment versus the projected enrollment data.

Does the recently released enrollment data signal a need to re-evaluate the E-SPLOST V timeline with regards to the Chamblee Charter High School (CCHS) and Dunwoody High School (DHS) facility additions?

As per the E-SPLOST V Project listing, the construction on the new addition at Chamblee Charter HS is scheduled to commence November, 2018, with an overall completion date of October 2020.

As per the E-SPLOST V Project listing, the construction on the new addition at Dunwoody HS is scheduled to commence October 2020, with an overall completion date of September 2022. 

A few notes:

The Dunwoody HS cluster is the only cluster within Region 1 that recorded an increase in Actual Enrollment over Projected Enrollment – especially at Peachtree Charter MS and Dunwoody HS. 

The CCHS cluster saw 147 students below projected enrollment.

The Cross Keys HS (CKHS) cluster recorded 325 students below projected enrollment.

What does this data tell me?  (again, only my opinion)

The current plan for the new CKHS is a 2,500 seat facility.  The data does not support this size (FTE) of a facility, unless, this new facility would be used to also alleviate over-crowding at Lakeside.

I believe that DCSD and the Board of Education should stand down on the new addition to CCHS at this time.  The actual enrollment projections, at both ES, MS and HS levels within the CCHS and CKHS attendance areas should cause the district to take a pause with this project.

DCSD and the BOE should “swap” the timelines of the CCHS and DHS school additions.  I am sure both communities would enthusiastically support this modification in the E-SPLOST V construction schedule.  Since an architect has also been chosen for the DHS site, due to the Game On campaign projects, could this “swap” be done easily? 

It’s not an easy task projecting enrollment, especially in an area that is currently affected by gentrification and political issues.  I do not envy Dan Drake’s task with regards to trying to determine what future enrollment brings for Region 1, among other DCSD regions.

Just my thoughts….

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