Friday, January 12, 2018

**Meeting Rescheduled to Saturday, January 13th **
Agenda for the January 8, 2017 DeKalb County School Board of Education Meeting

Notes from the Work Session:

**Michael Irwin has been elected the new Board Chairman replacing Melvin Johnson. Marshall Orson as vice-chair.
**All members present with exception of Joyce Morley, who joined by phone.
**Upon taking the Ethics Oath, Stan Jester asks if the oath is not superseded by State of Federal Law
**Stan Jester tells Dr. Greene he doesn't want the legal budget to get out of hand.  
**Jim McMahan points out that that DCSD is almost 50% thru the school year and running well behind the projected legal costs.
**HR report:  DCSD is 99% staffed.  19 open special education positions; 2 Principal openings; 12 nurse positions unfilled.  19 recommendations from recent job fair.
**Vickie Turner:  34 teacher resignations since last meeting.  Why? 
**Marshall Orson makes comment state retirement system incentives teacher retirement in middle of school year.  Needs to work with state to work with timing of retirement incentives.
**Dr. Green requests Board of Education to approve new positions for Knox Phillips and Stacy Stepney. These are internal promotions. Promotions praised by Vickie Turner.  
**2018-2020 Calendar - Inclement weather days build into calendars.  After a bit of discussion item was approved for consent agenda.
**Peachtree Charter Middle School Foundation Donation for Ipads - no discussion or objections - will be moved to tonight's consent agenda.
**Donations for Tucker Middle School - no objections - will be moved to tonight's consent agenda.
**Denton's (law firm) for legal services.  DCSD used for annexation issues that contracted ended 12/31/17; wants additional funds to help with legislative issues as well as any annexation issues that may come up.  McMahan has problems with use for legislative lobbying issues.  Dr. Morley speaks - not sure what she's asking.  Stan Jester asks if Denton's has specific goals.  Dr. Green responds that their goals are DCSD's goals.  Jester asks if Lobbyist (Denton) works for BOE or Administration?  Dr. Green - they work for the BOEs agenda.  Jester doesn't know what the accomplishments are of Denton (and prior group they rolled into). Marshall Orson relayed thoughts on process of hiring and engaging lobbyists.  Lobbyists/BOE need a strategic vision prior to the legislative session.  McMahan makes statement that payment to Denton does not show up on finance report.  Wants a clear engagement process with Denton going forward.
Item will be moved to consent agenda.  Melvin Johnson makes point that many years the DeKalb legislators wanted the school system to have lobbyists - all other school systems employed lobbyists.  Morley agrees with lobbyists, just wants to be informed of their efforts.

Work Session at 2:00 pm, followed by Community Input Session at 4:00 and Business Meeting at 5:00.  The meeting can be viewed via PDS-24 on your local cable provider or you can stream live on your computer:

A few items of note:

1.  Agenda Item D.2 is the “Affirmation of Board Policy, Descriptor Codes BH and BHA and Affirmation of Board Norms”.  
Board of Education members publicly swear to comply with Policy and Board Norms. 

2.  Agenda Item F.6. – Peachtree Charter Middle School Foundation Donation Approval for Peachtree Charter Middle School.

As you may recall, this item was deferred from the December Board of Education meeting at the request of Board of Education member Stan Jester.  He had not “completed his due diligence.”  Why does the purchase of 80 iPads require "due diligence" from a Board Member? The DCSD Legal Office had already reviewed the item.  

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