Friday, March 30, 2018

Dunwoody High School Council - Summary of March 29th Meeting - Discussion of Trailers for Next School Year

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  1. I would caution Dunwoody stakeholders about the CAC process. Chamblee Charter High School has a CAC. It has held two meetings in the 6 months since it formed. No one from DCSD was at either meeting.

    I do not fault the CAC members. They cannot force DCSD to share information.

    Remember that the official schedule shows construction on the CCHS addition beginning in November 2018, just 7 months away.

    CCHS stakeholders were shown 3 possible "schemes" for the addition, but have no idea if one has been selected. CAC members copied down numerous stakeholder questions about these schemes at the February CAC meeting but no answers have been shared, nor has another CAC meeting been scheduled.

    I hope Dunwoody stakeholders fare better in getting answers to the questions listed above, but it will be so ironic if DCSD answers questions about a project that is years away while not saying anything about a very near-term project.