Monday, July 16, 2018

**Updated with Official Announcement ***Peachtree Charter Middle School Principal Reassigned for Next School Year

**Update:  Word is that Mr. Heptinstall has been re-assigned to Sequoyah Middle School as an Assistant Principal**

According to Audra at "The Aha Connection", PCMS Principal Brian Heptinstall will apparently be leaving PCMS at the end of this school year:   

I was contacted by a very reliable source yesterday that told me PCMS Principal, Brian Scott Heptinstall, will be re-assigned next year.  

Read more at the following link:

Mr. Heptinstall is the longest serving principal in the Dunwoody Cluster, having been at PCMS since, if I remember correctly, 2007.


  1. Heptinstall is a nice enough guy, but he let PCMS run away with discipline problems in relation to the teachers there. The recent bullying incident should have been enough to get him fired, but Dekalb is so desperate, they are keeping him. In addition tot hat, he has a science teacher there who has a very questionable background (including charges of pornography) which has upset a lot of us. The whole school still needs to be reviewed for staff changes.

  2. "Us" doesn't mean much when there is no identified "you".