Tuesday, May 15, 2018

DeKalb County School District Board of Education Meeting Agenda Item: FIRST READ ~ Amendment to the Bylaws & Policies; Board Policy BH: Board Code of Ethics

The explanation given for this item per DCSD Legal Representative Jennifer Hackemayer at Monday's BOE meeting:  During a recent Board of Education Retreat it was pointed out that a Board of Education member cannot be forced to apologize.  So, if a BOE member exhibits behavior that the rest of the BOE members finds egregious enough to sanction him/her for, that BOE does not have to apologize for said behavior???  Wow, what level of narcissism is this?

An “interesting” item on the BOE Agenda for Monday, May 14th.  First Read on revisions to the Board of Education Ethics Policy. 

The first requested revision is innocuous on its face:

Currently, if a Board member in good faith believes another Board member has violated the Board Code of Ethics, he/she can request that the Board Chair convene an Executive Session to discuss possible disciplinary action against the subject of the complaint. Board Policy BH requires the Board Chair to provide “ten calendar days’ notice of such an Executive Session” to all Board members. The revision would allow less than ten days’ notice to all Board members if the subject of the complaint agrees to a shorter time period.

However, the second requested revision is just disturbing and unacceptable:

In addition, the last page of this policy is being revised by removing “require” and replacing it with “ask for” in number three of the section outlining the actions the Board can take against the subject of the complaint. The revised language reads as follows: “Ask for a public apology by the Board member.”

If this revision of the Ethics Policy is approved by the Board of Education, a Board Member who has faced disciplinary action would not be required to apologize.  But yet, we have sitting board members who insist that teachers and principals apologize for their behavior.  Unbelievable!!!!    

It appears that the Board of Education does not want to hold themselves to the same standards that they and the school district require of teachers and school house administrators. 

Also, despite numerous requests from parents and other stakeholders, this Board of Education has failed to provide needed protection for parents who face abuse, harassment and bullying from sitting Board of Education Members.

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